An English Wikipedia article for Ğ1?

I noticed Ğ1 has a wikipedia article. (French is the only language available.)

Wikipedia isn’t perfect, and some people consider it biased for certain topics. It still is a popular online encyclopedia and is ranked highly on search results.

I don’t have an account on Wikipedia but I suppose someone here does. Thoughts on translating the French wikipedia article to English?

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Great idea. That would probably help to have an English website to get information from. I am looking forward to put together a group of motivated people to work on these translations…

I would certainly lend assistance with English editing (after a rough French to English translation). But as I’ve mentioned, I’d rather have projects coordinated publicly than behind video conferences or specific platforms.

If you post drafts on the forums, I will definitely give feedback.

Add: There is a bilingual Frenchwoman offering translation services under the #english tag on gchange. We could also hire her for a few articles.

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Good idea for the hiring of this person for translation!
Add: Personnaly, it would be more efficient and motivating for me to coordinate with people over visio-conference. Although it is great to know you could help with reviewing the translation. We need native speakers for this :slight_smile: Thank you!