Creative Projects and Donations

How likely is it to get a donation from G1 users?

For context, in the early years of bitcoin, it was easy to get 5 BTC for clicking a button on a faucet simply as a way to demonstrate transacting with Bitcoin. Nowadays, the likelihood of getting a donation for a blog or selling a video game item are much lower as Bitcoin has become a speculative asset.

Additionally, in modern cryptocurrency communities, coin founders also donated to blogs or user created art; however, it was limited to advertisements, promotions or cheap memes. (To contrast, I found G1 through an artist that only accepted G1 and did not promote it within his work.)

Partly asking this because I’m in a region with no local groups. Not looking to shamelessly beg either.

Il existe des cagnottes pour que les nouveaux puissent commencer et d’autant plus si ils sont dans une zone avec une faible densité de Ğ1.
Contactez-les ils vous feront un don de bienvenue. Et lorsque que vous pourrez à votre tour faire un don à ces cagnotte, alors il faudra pas s’en priver.

Ces cagnottes ne sont pas destiné à pallier un manque de monnaie, mais juste à lancer le mouvement.

Désolé je ne parle pas anglais.
Sorry I don’t speak English.

Translation via DeepL :

There are jackpits for newcomers to get started, especially if they are in an area with a low density of Ğ1.
Contact them and they will give you a welcome donation. And when it is your turn to make a donation to these pools, then don’t miss out.

These jackpits are not meant to make up for a lack of change, but just to get the ball rolling.

Megadon : HjWkHYDod49Cc9q6DB9BtUbiY2XgJ2tmQfKgyYKo5TQQ

Quebec : 5jhco7vdU95ZyEmJQWFwXAu8WE7XSRq8PCRLMnF143UM

Caraïbes : 5GPHgGnbaWZNgcSs874j7cJf7wYyS475dD7XLrNcdbTC

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Very likely.

  1. If you tell « I am new, I would like to try the softwares », some will easily send some UDs.

  2. If you produce content that G1 users like, you can publish your public key.

  3. Crowdfunding has already been used for :

  • software développent
  • 3D Drawing of mechanical parts
  • music
    *… so if you have a relatively big project to fund, you may get tons of UDs! Up To you then on how To use them.

Just be sure to advertize your production here or on

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Another question:

How out-of-place is it to post older works? (completed projects before finding G1)

Or is it completely ok?

I’d say it’s completely ok, if your older works are still useful or enjoyable you might find someone who will pay for them or will want to support you.
Gchange is for advertisements and gannonce is for crowdfunding requests.

I looked at gchange a few times. Is gchange still suitable for software or digital projects that are:

  • infinitely copiable (no DRM, free license)
  • already completed
  • donationware

There doesn’t seem to be English listings either.

Gave it a shot anyways:

Might try posting other ads later.

If you’re interested in Minetest there are 2 active g1 servers where you might be able to trade in-game objects for g1 or offer modding :wink:

I played Minetest obsessively earlier in the year. Just found the ad for the server lol.

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Not so quick question:
In France, the standard paper sizes loaded in printers are likely A4 as opposed to US Letter. The two are similar paper sizes. A few places on the web say it’s possible for the printer to scale between the two. There are some self-publishing (« zine »/« doujinshi ») projects that are designed to both be read electronically or have the reader print their own physical copy.


Hypothetically, if someone in France printed it on A4 paper, they get slightly more thumb space on the edges than if they printed on US Letter.

So the question is if I’m posting to a majority French market, especially if one of is planned to be fully translated to French, should projects be re-typeset for A4 page sizes? Or is the difference between US Letter and A4 too trivial? (It’s one thing to change the typesetter parameters to A4, but another thing if text and images are repositioned, thus breaking page constraints.)


I saw you on the server. I don’t think acquiring MG is possible though. (No method of acquisition since the exchange shops are asking for MG, not the other way around.)

I think nobody in France have US Letter paper… usually we only have A4 sheets.

You can also sell stuff on the server to acquire MG.

Yeah, but does printing a US letter document on A4 paper cause major issues from anyone’s experience? (I actually haven’t paid much of a difference until recently.)

Where though?

Hi Scuti,

You’re right : for the moment we’re just a few using survival instance, and MG is not used for now. But they’re should be more people soon. We’re gonna organize a tour at beginning of january for all those who don’t know how to install and to play, and I’m not loosing hope to attract many players within the monthes to come. Fingers crossed…

I don’t know, as long as there is enough margin it seems to be ok.

You can build a store somewhere or I can give you access to a store at the spawn. You can craft items, mine ores, hunt, grow and cook food… The item « store » can be used to sell thing. (see in inventory for recipe)

Maybe you want to write English versions for the signs around the main area? Based on the mods on the server, it appeal to programmers (mesecon, digiline, technic). Right now, I think the hunger mod is annoying if farming is broken or if certain seeds won’t sprout.

You can build a store somewhere or I can give you access to a store at the spawn. You can craft items, mine ores, hunt, grow and cook food… The item « store » can be used to sell thing. (see in inventory for recipe)

I have a not-so-obvious base hidden somewhere in the world. I tried crafting a shop, but I don’t seem to be able to set a desired item (« Owner wants ») if I don’t have it.

Ah yes, that’s a problem.

Ok we will add English signs too.