Developping G1 use in the USA (Denver, CO)

I just moved to the US and I would like to develop the use of G1 around the Denver Area in Colorado.
I would like to create a group of well-motivated folks to help me in this project. At first, the idea would be to organize conferences to introduce the Libre Currency and some trading events where we would exchange goods and services (I live with a roommate who regularily organises garage sales and trading events in her backyard).
I know we would first need to raise some G1 to make some donations to newcomers and have some G1 in circulation in the local economy. However, I prefer to wait to have a solid team locally to start to raise some G1.
Anybody living in the area or willing to help, raise your hand!
Thank you!

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@FanfanJub maybe you have some Ğ1 to make donations?

Hi @MissSoph ,

We’ve just launched a website to group the G1 services, translated to English (and other languages):

It could be an interesting tool to show the G1 powerful for English speakers.

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Hi there !
I live in France, but my mother, my brother and my father in law live close to Denver. I have not managed to get them really interested because they are so far away from France, but if a local group starts in Denver, then it might work. That would make some certifications (nor enough to get their membership but still) and cash around for a fresh start.
Please let me know when you have an event so I can send them over to you, and maybe I could even join online if it is not in the evening :slight_smile:

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Awesome @gpsqueeek !! Where exactly are they located ? We are in Lakewood, West of Denver, and if I organize something that would be in that area. I am certifed and my husband might be certified soon too. So if we get to meet your family we could maybe start something! I have at least 3 other people interested here.
I could first start to organize an online meeting around noon so you could participate ? Or would you be rather interested to just have a phone call to discuss this development project ?

Hey there @MissSoph !
I’ll send you my e-mail adress and phone number in a personnal message, it might ease things a bit for future communication.
My parents are in Arvada, so a bit up north from you, but still on the same side of the mile high city haha…
I think the best thing would be that I have them on all on a call to see if they might be interested, and then I could send an e-mail to everyone to connect you. I don’t know yet if we’ll chat in French or English, depends on them I guess ; it would be a good training for me to do it in English I suppose, in case we do a « public » conference at some point. I don’t feel I have enough time to do something as fun and « prepared » as the two conferences I did at THSF in 2018 and 2019 (with Pouhiou and Martin, thanks a lot to them !) but maybe base something on the 2018 edition is fairly easy (except for some of the jokes I suppose…?)
Hum… sorry for the long post, gotta go and take care of my son now…
Seeya !

Hey. I live in the California but not in Colorado. My friends and I are aware of G1, but we aren’t enough to start a local trend. You can see some listings populate the #remote and #english tags on gchange, but more Americans writing ads under that tag are greatly appreciated.

I don’t kniw what your project entails exactly. But I’ll help if I can.

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Like #remote tag on Gchange, you can have remote or at home services (second is not very useful to USA people at the moment) at

In fact, Americans can offer their services there: it’s a reliable way to get G1 (more than waiting for certifications, what should not be the main goal of G1 community).

On the Latin America community (they have a Telegram channel to communicate) people is talking about use G1 as a « bridge » between the several local coins, for example in Argentine (like PAR, Sol, etc.). The same in Spain between local coins from Madrid and Valencia ( @kapis ?)

To get G1 and start to use them, you could:

  • create a Crowdfunding, for example at (Spanish community is mainly giving donations there) and/or a Gchange.

  • offering your services / products!!

The second, to me, it’s the most healthy and important way :slight_smile: There are lots of remote works interesting: English lessons, web services, tourist guidance, hiring a room to travelers, etc. The same to your local services to let people who earn remote G1 have ways to use it…

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Yeah. I held a crowdfunding campaign some weeks ago. We already hit our goal so now we (me and some oher American programmers) have to complete another project.

Hi! I am glad to know that some of you are based in the States and willing to develop the monnaie libre here!

I am wondering what is the best strategy. I am thinking :

  1. Organize some online events every month or every two weeks (or join the Quebec ones on thursday night at 7:30 pm Eastern Time as they are bilingual meetings) to coordinate the development of monnaie libre in the US and answer questions of newcomers.

  2. Create (or improve an existing) website that explains monnaie libre in English on a well marketed, pragmatic and efficient website. The existing ones are not made in an « American Style », and I know marketing is so important here to drag attention… Have a look at the ones that I found or,and compare with the Circle Website and Circles UBI – Medium (Circle is a close project of the monnaie libre but based on universal basic income idea, and that has a strong marketing strategy to develop their community and start their currency)

  3. Identify some local non-profit or ecosystems of alternative places that would be interested to use the G1 and work with them to organize some presentations to their communities.

  4. Get a solid group of 4 or 5 really motivated people locally to start a local movement.

  5. Raise some G1 to have some currency in circulation in the local economy, as not everyone will be able to get certified with the distance rule for certification and because of the lack of certified people living in the US. Maybe a good amount of G1 to raise would be around 5000 G1 for a first round. The idea would be to make a donation of 100 G1 to newcomers who are willing to join the movement and trade things in G1.

  6. Ask all the newcommers to create at least one post on Gchange for something they would like to offer, and one post for something they would need and be interested to pay with G1.

  7. Try to find anybody in our network who has French relatives living in France or in US and connecting them to the G1 community so they could start the certification process.

What do you guys think ? Would you like to organize a first online meeting so we could all discuss that ? When would you be available ?

Also, a question for native english speaking people : Does it make sense to translate Monnaie Libre into Libre Currency ? Would anyone in the US understand what it is about ?

I personally don’t see the appeal of video conferences, and I have yet to witness evidence of Canadians on gchange despite there being more members in Canada than the US. (2) and (6) would be the approaches I would go with. Any time someone posts advertisements on gchange tagged #remote or #english, it gives more exposure to other ads with the similar tags. So definitely keep at it.

For (2) I want to emphasize the importance of word-of-mouth when it comes to spreading ideas. It’s why social media, YouTube, Twitch, and so forth are so powerful. The following point also answers this question:

« Libre currency »" makes sense, but consider the following:

If you make a website about « free currency », « libre currency » or « monnaie libre », only people who are aware of those terms will use it in a search engine and find those sites. (Most people in the US are not aware of the term nor are they aware of Stephane Laborde or his theory.)

If you made a personal blog and blogged about entertainment, culture, hobbies, programming, video games, etc and simply accepted G1 in donations, more people would discover G1 as your website encompasses topics people would be interested in. I discovered G1 through a webcomic for example, and the webcomic was just doing its own thing.

This is why I suggested this:

(5)'s types of crowdfunding campaigns seem to be unsuccessful on gchange. Additionally if you gave people currency units in exchange for nothing or something easy, it is harder to assign a serious trade value to it.

But if you want to draw G1 into the US, you can have people accept G1 for their blogs, photo galleries, YouTube channels, git repositories, web novels, etc. Nowadays, most people create some form of online content.