English → French Translation (Literature & Fiction)

Hypothetically, how much in G1 would it cost to commission a translator, translating a work of fiction written in English to French?

For example: x G1 per 1000 words


  • licensing is not an issue
  • the source material is under a free culture license (creative commons variant)
  • the author can be contacted
  • the translator is credited & may place a personal donation address
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I guess it depends on the translator, whether they can find stuff to buy in g1 in their area, whether they’re busy or not and such. A good rate for a translator in France is about 0,15 EUR/word and 1 EUR was rated around 4 DU recently.

I would take it for 4 DU/1000 words if I’m interested in the content. The best way to know is to ask on gchange, we are several people offering translation services there.

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Please note that the translation of 1000 words requires approx. 3 hours. So Fern would really be selfless with this price. :blossom:

I’m one of the translators you will find on Gchange, but sorry, there is nothing to buy in Ğ1 in my area.

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As an update to this idea:
I looked at gchange’s translation services and most offerings aren’t linking to samples of work where I can get a clear idea of what the result would be like. Translation is never perfect, so I’m looking at a lot of uncertainty.


The advert on gchange has been made. As a side note, I don’t know how to remove the « make a payment » footer even though it doesn’t make sense on a ‹ Need › ad.

I’m thinking of changing how this is organized. (The advert I posted did get a response, but the usual method of paying one translator to do all the work including editing seems to be demanding too much.)

I’m thinking of having the contribution be open w/ a git repository. Similar to Spencer’s thread. Thoughts?

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