Errors on Cesium's Homepage

Going to make this thread to point out some of the errors on Cesium’s homepage.

  1. [Spelling] « Developer » only has one ‹ p ›. (« Developper » appears in multiple instances on Cesium’s page.)

  2. « Cesium digitally sign your transactions before sending them to the Duniter blockchain. »

Cesium digitally signs your transactions …

  1. Because it is programmed with love by a community of people who believe in libre moneys in general (and in the Ğ1 in particular), Cesium is given to you without demanding any counter-part.

« Counterpart » does not need hyphenation.

  1. « Click on your public key ; it will be automatically copied to your clipboard. »

English punctuation does not place spaces before the semi-colon.

  1. [Spelling] « Come » has one ‹ m ›. ("Comme say hello " at the bottom of the page.)

  2. The section of the site " Modifier ce site" is still in French.

Admittedly, which terminology to use: « libre money », « libre currency », or « free currency » is a difficult choice.

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Hello @test,
I thing you should published this post in « Outils - Support utilisateur » catégory ( instead of « Langues »).
Bescause the developer, which are suposed to help you whith you request, are there !

Have Nice !


PS : Sorry for my english, it’s long time i don’t write or speak it. If you don’t understand me, i can’t asked somebody for a traduction.

I can understand you. I was hoping the #cesium tag would be enough for the developers to notice.

Actually they answers quickly. Not in your case.
Try to publish as i explain you, and you 'll have a quickly answer

Have Nice,