Financial Censorship (and Groups Fleeing It)

Nowadays, payment processors engage in financial censorship. Because of that, there are many movements fleeing traditional payment processors like PayPal and resorting to cryptocurrency. The tragedy is that they steer towards the most recognized cryptocurrency (bitcoin, sometimes ethereum) and are doomed to never receive a donation or wait extremely long time for a single donation.

While I believed they are unjustly denied one of the basic economic freedoms, the current political climate can not be avoided: those with controversial views are subject to deplatforming, censorship and violence.

What is the G1 community’s opinions on the state of affairs? (If you need me to specify, do say so.)
Is G1 resilient enough to assist these groups?
If not, what can we do as a community to strengthen G1?
What should the G1 community be aware of to prevent the weakening or sabotage of G1?

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Hello scuti,

As moderator of this forum, I am annoyed with the category of your message: you are talking about the non-libre financial system and the purpose of this forum is to talk about Libre-Currency and Relative Theory of Money.

However, I will answer your questions, but with my simple June* (Ğ1) user hat.

I think the Ğ1 Community, if such a thing exist, is not interested in what happens for such groups in the non-libre financial economy.

Libre currency is a concept of it’s own, unrelated to opinions groups or class struggle. It’s just a tool available to all.

The purpose of Ğ1 is not to assist anyone, but simply to be a mean of exchange. It’s resilience is based on the less than 3k people in France and even fewer abroad who form the Web of Trust (WoT). This is a experimentation, rather young, and not even made to fit the whole french population** …

Spread the idea, use the Ğ1 for exchanging goods and services

First one is the strict respect of the licence.
Then other things, but it’s normally under control of the Dev’s ^^

Truly yours,


* : Ğ1 is pronounced /ʒyn/ and in French, it spell June
** : parameter that where settled in the first block give a max WoT of less than 3 M Peoples.

Maybe I phrased some of the questions inappropriately.

« Is G1 resilient enough to assist these groups? » Maybe better off as: how can libre currency be made appealing to those who experience the flaws of the nonlibre system?

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It is already : it’s libre, so it respect their freedom…

From now on, I let other answer your question in order to have a variety of viewpoint.

Well, yes in principle. But for example, if the libre economy offered web hosting services or web hosting services can be paid in G1, it will attract many groups.

While Candide answers well the theoretical part about the monnaie libre concept, I’d like to give some pragmatic details.
First of all, g1 is difficult to change with state currencies due to the limited offer. The gifts will then have to be spent within the g1 economy. Due to the local nature of the web of trust, active economic circles are mostly located in metropolitan France and nearby French-speaking countries. This limits the possibilities.
Second, the technical ecosystem is quite weak now and will not stand a quick increase in popularity. The load can only grow slowly to prevent a collapse unless fundings allow an accelerated development.
So right now, it makes sense to prefer larger cryptocurrencies over g1. But I hope we can close the gap in about ten years :wink:

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