Hierarchal Deterministic Wallet

Given the current choices of wallet software, I’d like to implement a hierarchical deterministic wallet. However, my knowledge on cryptography is basic. I think there are plenty of reference for making one, but little explanation.

Would anyone else like to weigh in their thoughts?

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I’d looked for hd wallets based on ed25519 in the past. Im not aware of an existing implementation that is used by many. But I did find Ed25519 and hierarchical deterministic wallet - Cryptography Stack Exchange and GitHub - orogvany/BIP32-Ed25519-java: BIP32-Ed25519 HD wallets for java

I believe that this would be a valuable project scuti… and i’d be interested in helping if I could, but I’ve never tried and therefore cannot say Im capable of implementing/working with the ed25519 curve. In my own ugly coding style, i have implemented secp256k1 and bip32 in the past, so i can wrap my head around those… but ed25519 is a different animal.

There have been discussions in the past on the tech forums… like Proposition d'un modèle de portefeuilles "HD" - Nodes - Duniter Forum