How to create and share your very first Ğevent?

This article is a direct translation from this one on the french side of the forum.

How to create and share your very first Ğ-event?

Hi everyone!
Here’s a little guide that was initially designed to encourage Telegram (and other networks) users to publish their Ğ-events on the forum. In the end it’s complete enough that i decided to share it here all the same:

  • Create and share a Ğ-event *
    Some existing Ğ-events lack visibility and/or are bound to a single network. It’s a shame both for the Ğ-event itself that could have gathered more people and for the visibility of the Ğ1-currency in general. What’s more, it’s a pity for new users that would like to find out about Ğ1 or to know more, and above all forging local links, which is fundamental.
    That’s why I offer here a guide to create and share your Ğ-event in the best and most efficient way possible.

Prerequisite to create a Ğ-event :

  • To have a place where you can welcome a couple of people
  • To choose a date and a duration
  • To know Ğ1 well enough is not that necessary. If you don’t you can ask more competent people on the subject to come and participate, it will be (and is always!) an opportunity to enrich one another.
    And that’s it!
    Anyone can organise a Ğevent, whether it’s a Ğ1 presentation, a Ğ-market or anything. If you want to develop the Ğ1-currency in your area; get going! Ğ1 develops with everybody’s initiatives around the world. There’s no central authority, you’re as free as the money to get started. A lot of people wonder why there’s no Ğ-event in their area… why not make it happen yourself?

Create the Ğ-event:
Make a poster giving the date, the time, the place (an address with the street, city and county/province/state, so that anyone can locate and access your Ğ-event easily), and some additional informations (such as: reservation required, limited number of places, Ğ-market, conference, shared meal…)
To create the poster you can very easily use Libre office 14 and start with a blank sheet on which you’ll give the details with a basic layout. Here are my first posters as an example, created in 10 minutes flat on Libre office.
If you want to make it a bit more beautiful, here are a large bunch of Ğ1 visuals, including Ğ-event posters to fill in on the Axiom Team 28 cloud
If you feel in the mood for it and master a little of the graphical tools, you can create a beautiful personalised poster, and why not? share your design on the forum so that others can use it.

Share your Ğ-event:
First and foremost, share it on the Ğ1-currency forum as it’s accessible to all without conditions, common to the greatest number of Ğ1 users, and also a sort of starting point for many newcomers, because it’s a common link to share to someone wanting more information.
Don’t forget to fill in all the information correctly, including the place, so your Ğ-event can pop in on the map, as well as the date so it can pop up on the calendar too.
Share your poster and the forum link (so that everyone can converge to the same place to get all the info, in case of cancellation for example, or for any question), on the Free Currency networks (Mastodon, Diaspora, Facething, Twitthing, Elements, Telegram…).
Share the event on your local groups.
And why not? put up posters around the place where the event will occur (maybe you have a free expression board somewhere in your village, beware of the regulations around putting up posters in your area)

During the Ğ-event:
Pass on the useful links on Ğ1-currency to newcomers, such as: the licence, the forum, the cesium app download website, maybe the Duniter website, the Ğ1 currency website, links to the local groups…
Offer pamphlets with more information if you have some.

After the Ğ-event you can:
Publish a little report on the forum and local networks.
Publish some pictures.
Create a local group on the forum and/or your favorite network.

→ If you have questions or suggestions referring to this guide, please get in touch!

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