Introduction to the Libre Currency + Q&A on technical aspects

:spiral_calendar: We are organizing a visio on March 14th at 8pm Eastern Time (6pm for Colorado) to Indroduce Libre Currency to those who are interested and dive deeper into the technical questions of this great freedom currency. Join us at this link to participate in the visio Jitsi Meet

:beginner:Libre Currency is an alternative cryptocurrency in which people equally co-create money everyday. The Universal Dividend (UD), which is the value created daily by each member of the system, evolves over time to ensure an equal share of money between people and throughout generations. It’s a way to rethink the current monetary system and a powerful tool for creating loops of exchanges within communities.

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:cherry_blossom: Share with your friends interested in building a parallel economy. Thank you :pray:

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I’m not sure about what you mean by this phrase. There are many different groups and niches looking for a « parallel economy » that is independent from fiat. If that is what you mean, I think that is the phrase you should be using.

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Should I change to « :cherry_blossom: Share with your friends interested in building a parallel economy » ?

I recommend it. Many different groups want a parallel economy that is independent from the government and central banking system. I can’t overstate how much G1 stands out from the other initiatives (silver bullion, bitcoin, monero, other crypto) despite its lower profile.

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I know… Libre Currency is so awesome but so little advertised… People are still focused on making money out of their investment… I will make this change you are right. Thank you