Invitation to join the english category

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Here we got a new category dedicated to english langage. It will help give visibility to the english part of the forum until it’s big enough to take it’s independance :wink:

Some useful posts :

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I’ve been using this tag to index English threads. Maybe it could help in some way.

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Hello to all of you!
Yes it is sure a good thing ,
to have an english gateway also,
the world is before us and there s a lot of june creators to add to the movement​:v::ok_hand::v::point_up::+1::+1::+1:

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Very nice. Thank you Hugo!

Scuti: your english tag is certainly helpful.

Welcome everyone!

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thank you! I would like help for the certification I don’t know people I can ask
Thank you!

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Hello i am in Brussels ,
we can meet if you want.

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There is now a Discourse plugin that enables marking a thread with a language.

Do we prefer to: (the same applies to other languages)


I don’t like the category approach: when posting a message about e.g. communication in English, you don’t know whether to post it in the English category or in the Communication category. The other forums with a main language and secondary language categories have the same problem.

I don’t mind as long as it’s easy to find topics in English. I would say the langues:english category has been relating to the English speaking community or world. But the tag #english includes questions directed at the general free currency community that is written in English (e.g when I ask for help in Outils).


I see it’s in effect now. I think it would be good if the plug-in’s tag returned the same results as the #english tag.

How do we use the langage tag ? There is an italian guy on the xmpp duniter chatroom.

I saw this (staff only) post, by @moul who installed a « multilingual plugin » on this forum on May 8th.

Maybe there was an option to specify the thread’s language at the time I said that, I don’t remember.

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The community talking Castilian/Spanish has their own forum:

But I think it could be better if there is one forum where all languages could be used, not just in a language-category, but all arround the forum.

It’s not an easy issue. For example, at the website is localized (l10n), you can have the menus in English.

But it’s also internationalized (i18n): you can translate your g1 services to several languages. But, what about the services not translated what are, for example, just in Catalan, or French? Should it be hided for English users? I don’t think so, because there are interesting services in French/Catalan, offering online services an English speaker from USA could use: room for holidays, for example. So we are showing not translated services on their original language, and the translated version if they have a translated version.

So our site is, partially, a Babel site, but useful at last :wink:

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