List of Resources and Content in English to introduce the Free Currency

Hi everyone,

Here is a topic where we can list all english resources and content (website links, videos, images, flyers, …) on the Free Currency. I think that could be useful to introduce the Free Currency to English speaking people in other countries than France.

I have a bunch of friends interested in the Free Currency in the US, but I need more content for them to dig deeper and get involved.

Please add your links and contents with a small description.
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Let me start with this awesome 15 minutes video made by Corinne to explain in a simple way the basics on how the current monney system works, what is the Free Currency and how it works : The Libre Currency Without Jargon

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Here are other links I just received on Telegram :

Mastodon account in English : Ğ1 Libre Currency ( - Mastodon

twitter account :

facebook page : Redirecting...

facebook group : Ğ1 Libre Currency . La page fb est admin du groupe.

Website : is a Grav website managed via
Good relationship with @openUBI ( )

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Other content posted by Corinne in an other topic :
Relative Theory of Money, by Stéphane Laborde:
RTM for Kids, by Cuckooland:

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For the most part (except some issues in cesium), Ğ1 software development is redacted in english since the beginning of the project on

Issues, Merge Requests, comments in the code, README, etc, are all in english.

So Ğ1 developers are english ready ! :wink:

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gchange has a hashtag for english

There are also some offers involving the English language if you search « anglais » but the offer is written in French.

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Posté par @Corinne dans une autre conversation :
Et, dont les sous-titres pour sourds et malentendants vont bientôt paraître.

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Oooh, an opportunity for a shameless plug!

…is an attempt to bring anglo-geeks up to speed on duniter/g1 basics. :wink:

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| Ğ is a map / directory of commerces (and professionals) accepting G1

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