Paper Distribution (Experiment) - "American g1billet"

I know g1billets exists. This is a separate design.


  • simple = low ink costs
  • folds into a little packet to physically obscure the password and salt.
  • for US Letter paper (1 sheet = 4 tickets)

At a glance, I’d say it looks like a pack of sugar (unintended). It should be easy to put them in glass tip jars. There is also plenty of space to write personal messages.

In one of these pictures is the template image I was working with. The QR code, salt, and passphrase texts are applied dynamically.

coordinates (x,y):
salt @ (100,200)
pass @ (100,1100)
public key @ (700,850)
QR code @ (760,390)

This is only the front side. I included art from Gildas as a placeholder because the back would otherwise be completely blank.

(I could use a higher resolution for his logos.)


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