Tags on Gchange

I just noticed gchange has hashtags. That is, if you put a ‹ # › and a word you can tag an ad and find other ads with the same tag. (Even if you’re unaware of hashtags and their purpose, for example, if many users add the tag ‹ #horror › to their books or films, everyone who is looking for the horror genre can find their advertisements.)

I don’t know if tag wrangling is implemented (a feature that equates ‹ #english › with ‹ #anglais ›, or synonyms, etc). But I think gchange can be an extremely powerful listing site compared to standard solutions.

However, there doesn’t seem to be an index of tags, and not everyone is using tags in their ads. I think the following tags could be useful:

  • for used items (e.g finished reading a book and don’t need it around)
  • for produced or created items (e.g homebrewing, raising a plant, or original project)
  • (the offer is in) a certain language or targeted towards speakers of that language
  • genre
  • free culture

If you use tags on gchange, what are you tagging?

Some examples:

#english - https://www.gchange.fr/#/app/market/lg?hash=english

#freeculture - https://www.gchange.fr/#/app/market/lg?hash=freeculture

I am not sure to understand, do you mean to add such tags in the title of the ad?
Can you explain where we are supposed to type tags when creating an ad, since it is not explicitly requested?
Also, how do you search for tagged ads?

For example, if you type #english in the search bar. The results will be a few adverts tagged with #english

Tagging an ad seems to only apply to the description not the title.

OK, I understand now that this is just a keyword search from inside the ad description.
I suppose it may be a good idea to think about this when creating an advert and always add a few ‹ tags › or keywords at the end of the text to give it more chance to be found. Thanks for the tip.