Useful links to exchange your Ğ1 online

Here’s a quick review of all the websites you can find nowadays where you can use your Ğ1 or make some!
I’ll edit it with the new links you guys will have to share!


Juneted is similar to Vinted for the Ğ1 community. It’s a marketplace where you can buy and sell second hand clothes in Ğ1.


AirbnJune is an equivalent to Airbnb for the Ğ1 community. It’s a marketplace where people within the Ğ1 community offer a place to stay (a room or a house) in exchange for Ğ1.


Girala is a marketplace for businesses or individuals offering services. You able to specify what % of the price can be paid in Ğ1, and the % paid in another currency, like € for example.


Ğchange is the most used marketplace for trading goods and services in Ğ1.


Ğannonce is the first marketplace that was created for the Ğ1 currency users. It is mostly used for crowdfundings. This marketplace is mostly in French.

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Otherwise, there is InfoJune :wink:

Yes that’s a good link. I won’t add it as I’m only trying to list the websites where you can trade in ğ1.

I posted that link because there is already a category for that :wink:

Yep, I got that :wink:
Just thought a list here could be useful.
However this website IS dramatically useful on the topic :grin: