WOT Security and Video Conferencing

How many people here recognize the following software?

FaceTune, FaceApp, Snow, Meitu, Songbird

None of these are free software, but the first two (especially the second) and the last should be the reason not to certify over video conferences. I don’t use these apps myself. Back in 2017 for example, there was a ethnicity filter that would edit your face to show if what you’d look like if you were born a different race or gender.

certify over video conference only is a violation of the Ğ1 licence.

3 « J'aime »

…partially because face alteration software exist, as shown above.

Let’s not forget the reasons why each rule is or isn’t in the license, in order to change the license accordingly to the environmental changes. (for example, if lying and video faking became fundamentally impossible, certification on video could be allowed)